About the brand
Halo want to create playfullness in everyday life. They offer fashionable products for women that love colours and to dare to wear it. Being yourself is the goal and highlight the woman's personality with beautiful wardrobe. 

Challange & Outcome
This project came so natural, playing with modern, minimal, elegant & playful style. Played with the typography to create the icon. the h in the logo is also the icon. 

To be yourself in your style.
follow your dreams.
Wear what makes you smile. 
Brand Identity
Modern, minimal, elegant & playful style with bit of elegance. The icon is the first letter in the name. Elegant look with the H pointing down and up. Straight lines and little bold type. Modern and playful brand colours, brown, beige, purple and black. The look creates happy and modern style for the women that dare to wear them. The logo is simple but strong.
So happy with the outcome, think it looks amazing. I found the style that highlights: 
. elegance
. fashion
. modernity
. playfullness

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