Icelandic webshop with hair accessories to make YOU feel and look better
About the brand
You Do You offers beautiful hair accessories for special occasions and just to have fun in everyday life. We want to offer hair accessories that are good for your hair and not damaging it by wearing it. Our vision is to look your best and be confident with it. It's always possibility to look better with beautiful accessories - we believe that "Love is in tha hair".
Challenge & Outcome
The design came natural and I was struggling with the logo in the beginning and I knew I wanted to create icon with the words YOU. I used hand sketching techniques to play with the letters. We are so happy with the outcome and color choices. We created elegant atmosphere over the brand. 
The Story
You Do You is Icelandic hair accessory shop owned by best friends, one of them is me. We wanted to create a shop with focus on beautiful hair products that are better for your hair since my friend, Katrin is a hairdresser and I'm the designer, together we choose products. We wanted to gather our strengths and do something together since we live in different countries. Love is in the hair 
I use Shopify to build stores and that is what I did. I used Narritive theme at first and then changed the shop to DAWN theme on Shopify 2.0. 
I used the brand identity to make the shop with the right style and atmosphere for the brand, which is feminine, warm & elegant style. ​​​​​​​
Brand Identity
Elegant look with golden texture in the icon. The icon is shaped with the letters YOU DO YOU.
The Logo has feminine and modern style. 
Overall it is a great project, I'm constantly working on it. The outcome of the brand look I'm very happy with​​​​​​​, I reached the coal to create elegant look with feminine and modern atmosphere. 

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